Northern Districts Angling Club

Cadell 31st January 2016

We had 25 members and 2 visitors attend and the weigh in consisted of carp.

A decent day although rain threatened early but never eventuated, then the sun came out and a brisk breeze blew up in the afternoon.

Peter Riddle took out the honours in Veterans Division 1 with the most fish and heaviest bag overall therefore gathering most points overall, well done. Craig Ranford won Seniors Division 1 although his bag was not up to his normal standard at Cadell.

Heaviest bag for Seniors Division 2 was Justin Klingberg with a mass of tiddlers but they got the job done, well done. Honours in the Veteran Division 2 category went to Chris Pederson making a bit of a name for himself as a carp catcher these days, he also had heaviest fish in his bag.

Notable mentions to Peter Riddle for handing out a caning to the rest of the club and to John Ondati and Rob Wackett for being the only other members to get over the 100 point mark.

Joe Librandi no callap? What is going on we set our calendar by this event, We have lost faith in all humanity. The sun rises, it goes down and Joe catches callop at Cadell it is the three given things in this world. The end is nigh!!!

If you would like to join us on the next trip have a look at the calendar or check out our fishing club memberships.

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