Northern Districts Angling Club

Gleesons Landing 1st May 2016

We had 21 members attend and the weigh in consisted of mullet, garfish, rock cod, tommy roughs, zebra fish, weed whiting, king george whiting and bream. This was a day to test most anglers- high winds, dirty water and a big swell made it rather difficult to remind oneself that this was fun! 

Tony Mosel had the most points for the day and with it the heaviest bag in Seniors Division 1 incorporating the most fish for the day. Frank Kertes took out the heaviest bag in Veterans Division 1 which was the heaviest bag overall for the day.


Douglas Hansen won Senior Division 2 with a bag that included the heaviest fish. Honours in the Veteran Division 2 category went to Chris Pedersen with some nice mullet from the beach, well done!


Notable mention to Tony Mosel, Matthew Lang, Adnan Zubcevic and Frank Kertes for some nice garfish. To Peter Riddle for a king george whiting and Phil Pedersen for an excellent bream well done members!


On behalf of Craig Ranford, Shane Strachan and Rob Wackett, we would like to thank a certain red pointer that followed us all the way to Swincers Rocks and back and then followed Craig and Rob Wackett another 2 kms the other way to a little beach bringing it’s staffordshire terrier mate with it. Another new experience on a club trip they can tick off their bucket list!


The staffy proved most fun by standing behind Rob Wackett while fishing the beach and just adding another layer off complexity to the day every time he had to back up from the waves. Craig now knows his full repertoire of expletives and it is probably good that on a little beach in the middle of Gleesons Landing no one can hear you scream! A real dog day afternoon!

If you would like to join us on the next trip have a look at the calendar or check out our fishing club memberships.

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