Northern Districts Angling Club

Marion Bay, Butlers Property September 2018

Attended by 18 members the weigh in went as follows: tommies, sweep, zebra fish, leather jackets, rock cod, salmon, drummer & silver spot.

The weather was good with a bit of wind and a small swell.

Heaviest bag on the day winning Seniors Division 1 was Craig Ran-ford while Seniors Division 2 was won by Shane Strachan who also took out the heaviest fish on the day.

Ray Gedritis has the mojo slowly returning with another win in Veter-ans Division 1 while Antony Jackson was the best in Veterans Division 2.

Special mentions go to Antony Jackson, Joe Librandi, Rob Wackett and Adnan Zubcevic for all bagging out on tommies on the day.

To Craig Ranford for bagging out again on sweep for the fourth time this year.

Also to Matthew Lang for a nice silver spot and George Shippen for the only salmon!

If you would like to join us on the next trip have a look at the calendar or check out our fishing club memberships.

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