Northern Districts Angling Club

Marion Bay, Pondalowie Bay & Dolphin Beach June 2017

We had 20 members and 2 visitors attend and the weigh in consisted of tommies, mullet, sweep, salmon/trout, zebrafish, king george whiting, rock cod, leather jackets, and drummer.


The weather looked a bit nasty in the morning but apart from an odd shower the rain stayed away while the wind wasn’t that bad and the swell only bothered those who fish the lower rocks.


Winner of Seniors Division 1 heaviest bag Tony Mosel can tick off another on the bucket list having the heaviest bag overall and most fish on the day giving him the maximum points of 210 for the first time, congratulations!


Veterans Division 1 was myself and the heaviest bag for Veteran Division 2 was Vince Zammit while Shane Strachan won Seniors Division 2. Heaviest Junior on the day was Bradley Harrison while the heaviest fish for the day was in the bag of Adnan Zubcevic.


Notable mentions to Tony Mosel for not only top honours but his bag included some very nice king george whiting, also to Duncan and Josh Horne each with a king george whiting. To Geoff Hay, Phil Pedersen, Chris Pedersen, Tony Mosel, Adnan Zubcevic, Duncan Horne, Josh Horne and David Key for all bagging out on tommies. To Joe Librandi and to Vince Zammit for reaching double figures with mullet. Well done to all!


Also, welcome to our two visitors Dave and Bill Ware, hope to see you again soon! I believe Phil had bagged out on tommies around the same time Shane Strachan and I were about to take our first cast!


Such is the down side of walking a distance to your spot but we did alright on the day although Shane looked a bit worse for wear the next day. First rule of fishing at the bottom of a cliff is picking the track back up carefully saves having to do it twice!

If you would like to join us on the next trip have a look at the calendar or check out our fishing club memberships.

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