Northern Districts Angling Club

Marion Bay, West Cape, Pondalowie Bay June 2019

We had 18 members attend and the weigh in consisted of tommies, mullet, salmon/trout, zebrafish,  sweep, trevally, leather-jackets, rock cod,  drummer, flathead and garfish.

The weather was a bit of a howler with the wind coming directly into us but the swell wasn’t too bad considering. Those fishing the cliff tops found it particularly difficult.

Adnan Zubcevic took out the honours in Seniors Division 1 and had the most fish overall while the Senior Division 2 winner on the day was Duncan Horne and the heaviest fish for the day was brought to scale by Ray Gedritis.

Heaviest bag for Veteran Division 1 was Frank Kertes who also had the overall heaviest bag on the day while the honours in the Veteran Divi-sion 2 category went to Rob Ranford. Heaviest bag junior was Bradley Harrison.

Notable mentions for the day go to Adnan Zubcevic the only person to bag out on tommies, Antony Jackson for bagging out on salmon trout and Frank Kertes bagging out on sweep. Also to Craig Ranford and Nathaniel Wackett for a couple of nice flathead while Bradley Harrison managed another garfish that’s 2 in 2 trips. Well done.

If you would like to join us on the next trip have a look at the calendar or check out our fishing club memberships.

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