Northern Districts Angling Club

Port Victoria November 2019

We had 23 members attend and the weigh in consisted of tommies. chow, snook, mackerel and a pilchard.

A pleasant night on the jetty with the wind blowing left to right across the jetty but it was by no means unpleasant and very fishable.

Tony Mosel took out the honours in Seniors Division 1 with the heaviest bag while son Matthew Lang won Seniors Division 2.

Heaviest bag for Veterans Division 1 was Antony Jackson with the heaviest bag and most fish for the night while the heaviest bag in Veterans Division 2 was Vince Zammit. Heaviest fish was in Matthew Langs bag with Bradley Harrison taking out the honours in the Junior ranks.

Notable mentions to Ray Gedritis, Antony Jackson, Phil Pedersen, Craig Ranford and Adnan Zubcevic for all bagging out on tommies and there were another four members in the thirties the most tommies we have caught at this venue by a long way. To Antony Jackson Craig Ranford, Nathaniel Wackett and Bradley Harrison for each finding a mackerel to Matthew Lang for the 5 snook brought to weigh in and to Duncan Horne for a pilchard. Well done to all!

If you would like to join us on the next trip have a look at the calendar or check out our fishing club memberships.

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