Northern Districts Angling Club

Trip Reports

Edithburgh, Troubridge August 2018

We had 21 members attend and the weigh in consisted of sweep, tommies, rock cod, leather jackets and zebrafish. The weather was pleasant with a breeze springing up in the afternoon but all in all a nice day! The sweep were plentiful but small the tommies were big but scarce, that’s fishing.

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Lake Bonney March 2018

We had 16 members attend and the weigh in consisted of carp. The weather was ordinary to say the least we were met with showers in the morning and a howling gale in the afternoon that blew straight into our faces. Heaviest bag for Senior Division 1 was Rob Wackett with the heaviest bag for

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Cadell February 2018

We had 17 members attend and the weigh in consisted of Carp and Callop. A good day in the weather department although in the morning as we left there were a few that wished they had packed the wet weather gear. The sun came out and those with tree cover were very appreciative. Frank Kertes

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Meningie January 2018

We had 18 members and 3 visitors attend and the weigh in consisted of carp and redfin. A very good day weather wise and there was enough cloud cover to keep the sun at bay but it was still hot enough to remind us it was a summers day.   Rob Wackett took out the

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Nappers Bridge October 2017

Attended by 23 members the weigh in consisted of a lot of carp! The temperature up the river land was in the low 30’s but the wind was a nightmare progressively getting worse as the day went and at times reaching the predicted 40 mile an hour gusts, then on the way home as we

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MooRock March 2017

We had 16 members and 1 visitor attend and the weigh in consisted of carp. A reasonable day where cloud cover gave some relief in the morning but the afternoon did heat up a bit if you didn’t have a tree close handy.  

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